Richie Kelly

Product & Project Manager, UX & UI Designer

Dublin, Ireland


User Experience & User Interface Design

Creating exciting UX & UI using modern tools & techniques to build great products that users love

Product & Program Management

Experienced successfully managing complex projects with agile methodologies

Web & App Front End Prototyping

Rapidly prototyping responsive sites to validate design decisions using empirical data


Great products or services are seldom created in isolation or a moment of divine inspiration. The best creations come from taking an iterative approach that puts consumers at the center of the process. There is no point to invest months or years of precision effort developing the wrong thing which no one likes, wants or will ever buy. My experience has shown me that there is no better way to make (and validate) design decisions than with empirical data.

This means that creating great designs and user experiences require a deep understand of who your users are, what they are trying to achieve and how they are interacting with your company/product/service. Simple tools and techniques such as user journey mapping, user research, wireframing & prototyping can help ensure you are on the right path very early on, and if not, adjust course. Involving users early is crucial, as is collaborating with all teams from the start. It’s no secret that people feel more invested in the success of a project when their input is valued and they feel they’ve helped to shape the direction.



Thanks for stopping by. I live in Dublin with my wife Siobhan. We wanted to experience working and living outside of Ireland, so spent 18 months living and working in the amazing city of Portland, Oregon. It's a fantastic city with amazingly friendly people, unbelievable food and culture......And no, it doesn't rain too much (at least compared to Ireland!)

I graduated from the University of Limerick with a first class honours in Computer Systems. I worked at Intel for nearly 11 years, 6 as a software engineer and 5 as a Program/Projectmanager. Having a technical background really helps to understand the core issues faced by developers day to day, as well as any current technological constraints

I like to invest time learning new skills, which lead me to become a Project Management Institute Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP) and Certified Scrum Master (CSM) as soon as I made the transition to Program & Product Management. Having had quite a lot of professional experience in various roles, I’ve learned that my main passion is for creating great products & services that provide a great user experience, so that's the career path I'm now pursuing. To build on my own learning, I achieved a certification in UX foundational skills.

In my spare time, I play hurling for Realt Dearg and have a keen interest in sports of all kind (but my favourites are hurling, soccer, motorsport, basketball, rugby, etc).

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